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NEW! Our popular puzzle A-Puzzle-A-Day has a new production method with very little dragon-burning for a clean and beautiful look. A-Puzzle-A-Day is now available in both original Norwegian or English!

Welcome to DragonFjord! We are based in Norway, on Trondheimsfjord, on the shores of Dragon Beach. We design original puzzles that are engaging, beautiful and smart. Each is a piece of artwork with a clever design that offers many secrets for you to explore. You will be proud to display these puzzles in your home, school or office, and keep coming back to investigate them again and again. DragonFjord puzzles – forged in fjord fire!

All of our puzzles are our own designs. We create, cut, assemble by hand, and package all of our puzzles ourselves. Thank you for supporting our work! – Mike Naylor and Gerd Åsta Bones

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