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Building our Dragon Coffee shop

We’ve been tight for space this past year. We expanded our studio to have a nice workspace last summer but it still wasn’t enough. This summer we took over a building next door for our new headquarters next, and we are in full-time renovation mode!

Our new headquarters is a stone’s throw from Dragon Beach and has lots of space. On the ground floor we’re going to have a dragon-themed coffee shop, a puzzle shop and a gallery. Visitors can play puzzles while they enjoy a fancy coffee or ice-cream, and sit in the garden where they can enjoy outdoor rooms and beautiful views of the fjord. We’ll also be moving our puzzle production to another floor in the building where we will have six times the space we do now.

Our coffee shop is located near the beach, some great trails, and Norway’s best climbing trail, so it will be a nice place for people to relax after outdoor activities.

Right now we’re painting and furnishing inside and replacing siding and working on the garden. It will a big project and will take us a year to get everything how we’d like it, but we should be able to open before the end of the year.

Here’s some of the art we’ve been working on for the interior:

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