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An incredibly fun and addictive puzzle with a new challenge every day!

A-Puzzle-A-Day gives you a new challenge every single day of the year. All you need to do is fit these eight pieces into the calendar frame to leave one month and one day showing. Can you find your birthday? Your favorite holidays? Your anniversary? Today’s date? Every day you have a new puzzle!

There are almost 120 thousand ways the pieces fit in the frame, but finding the date you want can sometimes drive you crazy! (Some people decided it would be easier to change their birthdays instead!)

All days are possible! A new puzzle every day.

Everyone loves this puzzle!

     “I can’t put this down! I think I’m addicted.” – John N.

     “Genius! Most puzzles you only solve once and you’re done. This puzzle is a new puzzle every day.” – Terry E.

     “My husband usually doesn’t like puzzles, but he plays with this one every day.” – Grete V.

     “So much fun! Unbelievable that you can make every single day!” – Solveig D.

     “I can’t solve August 26th, so I’m changing my birthday to August 24th.” – Kristin B.

A-Puzzle-A-Day makes a great gift for your friends, family, coworkers and yourself! Warning! This puzzle is highly addictive! 

Included is a fold-out calendar so you can cross out each date you find. Can you find them all?

A-Puzzle-A-Day is a patented design (EUIPO 007690433) and is hand-assembled and packed in Norway at our headquarters in Vanvikan on the shores of Dragon Beach.

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  1. Kjersti

    Men har et spm..: Er det mulig/meningen at man skal kunne puzzle alle årets dager men at puzzlebrikkene kun legges med ‘riktig’ vei opp?

    • dragonfjord_ggof7c

      Hei! Noen løsninger krever at noen brikker snus.

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