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An incredibly fun and addictive puzzle with a new challenge every day!

A-Puzzle-A-Day gives you a new challenge every single day of the year. All you need to do is fit these eight pieces into the calendar frame to leave one month and one day showing. Can you find your birthday? Your favorite holidays? Your anniversary? Today’s date? Every day you have a new puzzle!

There are almost 120 thousand ways the pieces fit in the frame, but finding the date you want can sometimes drive you crazy! (Some people decided it would be easier to change their birthdays instead!)

All days are possible! A new puzzle every day.

Everyone loves this puzzle!

     “I can’t put this down! I think I’m addicted.” – John N.

     “Genius! Most puzzles you only solve once and you’re done. This puzzle is a new puzzle every day.” – Terry E.

     “My husband usually doesn’t like puzzles, but he plays with this one every day.” – Grete V.

     “So much fun! Unbelievable that you can make every single day!” – Solveig D.

     “I can’t solve August 26th, so I’m changing my birthday to August 24th.” – Kristin B.

A-Puzzle-A-Day makes a great gift for your friends, family, coworkers and yourself! Warning! This puzzle is highly addictive! 

Included is a fold-out calendar so you can cross out each date you find. Can you find them all?

Available in Norwegian, English, Japanese and German

Our original version of the puzzle has the months in Norwegian (Okt, Nov, Des, etc.), which are very similar to other Western languages.  If you’d prefer the months in another language, simply select your desired language option when you add your puzzles to the cart.

The packaging for all A-Puzzle-A-Day puzzles is in international English.

A-Puzzle-A-Day is an internationally patented design (EUIPO: 007690433; WIPO: DM/215118) and is hand-assembled and packed in Norway at our headquarters on Dragon Shores.

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English, German – Deutsch, Japanese – 日本語, Norwegian – Norsk

21 reviews for A-Puzzle-A-Day

  1. James S. Katakowski

    This is my favorite puzzle. Thank you. I would love to have a cheat sheet or something that shows has the puzzle comes together for each date. I am usually pretty good at tangrams etc. but some of these I can not complete. Can you print a answer key?

    • dragonfjord_ggof7c

      Can do!

  2. John

    I got my pack just in time for Christmas. My mum and I have been solving the puzzle every day and sending each other the solution we each found. 94 days done, 271 to go! I think so far we have only had 1 day where we independently reached the same solution 🙂

    Just wanted to say thanks. It’s a great puzzle!

  3. Tom

    Great puzzle, really enjoy the challenge each day. One question – is December 31 one of the days that you have to flip at least one part to make the puzzle work, or can you get that date without flipping any pieces? Thank you.

    • dragonfjord_ggof7c

      Thanks Tom! Yes, December 31st can be made without flipping. Let us know if you’d like a clue!

  4. John

    I love this puzzle! Play it every morning with my cup of coffee, guess you could say I’m an addict. Several of my friends have bought them now, too. Really fun!

  5. dragonfjord_ggof7c

    Yes we do!

  6. Jose Ramos

    i just love this i got it from kickstar
    now i want to get other one for a friend

  7. Lee Yoder

    These are GREAT! I love the smell as well, too bad it won’t last.

    Glad to see you can solve some by flipping pieces I was wondering if that was a “foul”.

    I was also wondering if there is an “answer sheet” somewhere? I got one as a gift for a puzzle nut friend who will love trying to solve these. Me I would like to give it a shot each morning, but then look it up and change it if I can’t figure it out before my work day starts. It’s like those infinite calendars where you change the month and day blocks, but way more fun (for me).

    Lastly, out of curiosity, does July 5th mean something special that it is the date they are shipped with?

    Thanks again, great Kickstarter project, definitely going to have to order more puzzles from the site.

  8. Wyatt

    Excellent puzzle. We just ordered another, my whole family is hooked. Surprised that you can make every day, though it seems like some days are easier than others.

  9. Noah

    My one point of caution would be that this puzzle can be hard depending on the day. Personally, I think that’s a great thing, as it means it usually takes a little time to solve each day.

    Everyone who’s seen the puzzle is fascinated — I think this would make a great gift, and I wish I’d bought a few to be birthday gifts, etc.

  10. Becky Zacharda

    Absolutely love this puzzle! Would love to know which days cannot be done without flipping pieces.

  11. JG

    Wooh!!! I finally received mine in Montréal tonight! I couldn’t be happier, and I was really lucky on my first day, I managed to find today’s date in less than five minutes, ahah.

    Thank you for making this, the quality is amazing! I have a fun year of puzzle solving ahead of me!! 🙂

  12. air

    This is amazing! Are there any blind spot dates that cant be made? Or are all dates possible?

  13. Frances

    Really great puzzle. Just ordered 3 more. Thank you for making this.

  14. Janna Halberd

    Bought this as a gift for my mother’s birthday. Thank you for making something so awesome!

  15. A. Petosky

    Hi, Your product is really great. It was really easy to communicate with you. I am happy.

  16. Barbara Gold

    Your customer service is fantastic and we loved the puzzles. Thank you!

  17. Caspar

    The puzzle is really fun! Hehe. Please continue to create great pieces like this. 🙂

  18. Nans

    Received ours yesterday and love them. Not as simple as they at first appear! So well made, I look forward to getting more of your products.

  19. Scratch

    I happened to find “June 31st” (invalid).
    The solution is
    Is that intended?
    Are there any invalid dates that are impossible?

    • Mike

      Excellent! All “invalid dates”, such as Feb. 30th, are possible. Even dates like “15-17” and “Jan-Feb” are possible! If you count all these, there are 903 “dates” you can solve for!

  20. Gao Qi

    This is such a wonderful puzzle. Goes better with morning coffee than the news. My daughter and I race to solve it every morning. Save yourself the trouble, and get more than one, because you are going to be gifting it and you won’t want to give up yours.

  21. Jason

    I was given a Dragon Fjord Puzzle-A-Day a few years back and still use it every day. It is a challenge to find the day’s solution but so satisfying when I do. Most days have more than one solution, so it’s fun to see whether different members of my family solve the puzzle the same way. For the past few years I’ve been gifting them to extended family members and my kids’ teachers at school. These puzzles are my #1 Go-To for holiday gifts!

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