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DragonFjord puzzle collection



Based on a tessellation by world master Makoto Nakamura, this puzzle consists of 6 each of 6 different animals that are a delight to play with. The puzzle has been cut in an ingenious way to create challenges that will push the limits of your problem-solving! The double frame is perfect for solving with a friend.


Tessellation Masters Puzzles are a whole new kind of puzzle! The pieces are animal shapes that fit together perfectly and can be arranged to make a variety of exciting shapes. The pieces make an entire set of animals with no leftover parts. And each puzzle has several challenges inside the frame – use all of the pieces to solve each of them. Each puzzle in the series has a different structure, different surprises and a series of different challenges inside the frame. Can you master them all?

Tessellation Masters Puzzles are based on the artwork of contemporary tessellation artists. All artwork is licensed and used with the cooperation of the artist.


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