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Sliding block puzzle – Appendicitis!



Our sliding block puzzles are available in several themes. In Appendicitis! you are a surgeon trying to remove a painful appendix by sliding around internal organs – 2 lungs, 2 kidneys, intestines, stomach, heart, liver, and even the pancreas!

There is an opening in the bottom of this puzzle that only the large square can fit through… can you get the large square through this opening by sliding around the blocks inside the frame?

On the back of the puzzle are 4 different starting positions of the blocks rated from easy to insanely difficult. Young children can solve the first level, but the final solution is so hard you will swear it is not possible! (It is – but the final solution can take over 100 moves.) You can try your own set-ups with four long rectangle blocks placed vertically and the fifth placed horizontally. There is so much to explore with this puzzle, it has quickly become one of our favorite and most puzzling puzzles!

This puzzle makes a great gift for someone recovering from an operation or for a doctor, nurse or anyone who appreciates puzzles with a whimsical touch!