Puzzles and Games

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Welcome to our puzzle collection! Many of our puzzles are designed to offer you many challenges so you can enjoy them again and again. Each is a work of art to display in your home or office. Explore the collection and have fun!

DragonFjord puzzles and games – forged in fjord fire!

Our best-sellers

Our signature puzzles

Our signature collection features puzzles with differently-shaped pieces that fit together in many ways. Each is many puzzles in one so you can enjoy them again and again.

Amazing Animal Tessellation Puzzles

Fit together these animals to solve the many puzzles inside the frame. We have licensed the artwork of several modern masters of tessellation art and cut the designs in clever ways so that the pieces can be put together to create a set of whole figures and also be rearranged to make many interesting geometric forms. Several challenges are engraved inside the frames to offer you many puzzles, or you can enjoy fitting the pieces together and creating your own shapes. These puzzles are beautiful, fun and vary in difficulty from easy to extreme!

Sliding Block Puzzles

Puzzles with moving blocks and several levels of challenges, from easy (13 moves) to extremely difficult (over 100 moves required)! This puzzle comes in four different styles.

3d Sculpture Puzzles

Puzzles that become 3d sculptures as you solve them. Beautiful artwork for your home.