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Norwegian Christmas Forest – trees and animals – 3d decoration and puzzle

We are proud to present a new product, Norwegian Christmas Forest.

8 trees and 6 animals – put together– decorate– and put back into the frames.

The idea is to have a fun puzzle when you put the pieces together to decorate for Christmas. When Christmas is over, you can put it back into two small frames and keep it easily stored until next Christmas.

It is a beautiful decoration on your dinner table or in your living room.

Children can play with the animals and trees. They can learn about symmetries and visualization.

The set consist from 8 trees and 6 animals. The trees are in three different sizes with different designs. There is a polar bear, a deer, a fox, a squirrel, a rabbit and a mouse.

Decorate your dinner table or your living room!
One way to set up!
Use your imagination and find your own way to do it?
The whole set with 8 trees and 6 animals
Ready shrinkwrapped and ready to go!

Merry Christmas from Dragonfjord!

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